My first publication, “Trumpets will fill the sky,” is a rather chaotic format of poetry and macabre short story. A precursor to the more refined and tempered novel outline that is unfolding here.

The bones of my feet, is a surreal story about an older gent who looks back over his erratic life, from love to booze, drugs, and the ever search for whatever people are calling beyond. Through all of it discovering his path, or discovering there is no path, and sailing the heavy seas of life and all its distorted goodness. From faux finery and expensive swine, we have all entertained these moments at some point and at some time. A strange look at the horrors of life that we call poignant or meaningful, fleeting emotions unseen by the human eyes and lost by the ticking of time, only to bite you in the ass when the heart is slow and the mind is numb, and the age has cursed upon us.

Thank you for stopping by, I wish everyone goodness on their journeys.

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