Davin pushes off his chair and begins to walk around the yard, the cement walkway went all the way around; it began and ended at the patio. He always walked it clockwise, something carried over from the Buddhism he used to study (they always move clockwise around the stupa). Buddhism had really become his way of life for quite some time, he was always reading the Dhammapada, as well as the Bodhisattvacaryavatara (The way of the bodhisattva), and others of course, depending on where the study took him. As he circles the yard he looks over the many years of gardening and the payoff of that work, with flowers in bloom and the rich green on leaves. Davin always liked to look at the sky, even if it was just blue, clouds and colors were a treat he looked forward to in the early morning or evenings.

As he made his way around for a second time, he would try to recall some of the mantrams that he would recite. One of his favorites was Vajrakilaya, he spent many nights in that practice, something about using the Kilaya (a tri bladed dagger with the deities face on the handle) that seemed to empower him in that practice. About that same time he was working at a Buddha shop, that of course sold hundreds of styles of Buddhas. Davin opened and closed that shop on a daily bases, dusted the place and kept it organized for folks to walk through. He was also super knowledgeable on the types of Buddhas and the many gestures and poses of each. The owner of the shop was an elderly gentleman who also supported the local Thai Monks with robes and gowns he would have shipped in from Thailand. So Davin also got an up close look at what it was to be a monk, some of them came in full of cheer, and they were so charming and funny. While others dragged themselves in and looked as though they had been raked over the coals.

It was here that Davin would meet and fall in love with a lovely Thai woman named Sada, a thin, well shaped woman with thick, heavy looking locks of hair all around her gentle face. She would come in and walk around admiring all the Buddhas, sometimes she would stay in one area for awhile, perhaps to recite a mantra, Davin wasn’t sure, but he liked seeing her come into the shop. Finally she made her way over to him and started asking him question about the postures of the statues and even to explain some of their stories to her. Davin was more than happy to do so, he so enjoyed sharing their stories and lore, and pointing out the details and meanings of a statue or a thangka, filled him with a sense of pride. No, pride was definitely a no no, but it did make him feel damn good to aid others who may be seeking the path of Buddhism. Later he would find out that she was just feeling him out, Sada wanted to see if he really had knowledge of the Buddhas or if he was just faking his way through.

It turns out that she was impressed and even opened up about her having spiritual issues, maybe spiritual attacks. Davin saw this as an opportunity to utilize the Vajrakilaya, if she would let him. He explained the procedure, “I’ll recite the mantra, touching each of the three chakra points, the poison will become attached to the dagger, then I’ll stab the dagger into the ground, and the earth will eat the poison.” he explained as best he could to her as they sat on some cushions in the Thangka area of the store. Sada wasn’t so sure, she said she would think about it and Davin understood, so they just chatted for awhile and it felt good.

Sada would return the next day and explain that she had a master teacher in Thailand who was very powerful and respected by the locals. She told Davin that she had to ask her teacher about the procedure because she wasn’t sure about it; but it turns out the teacher said yes, it was alright to do the procedure and that Davin had a lot of faith. Davin did have a lot of faith because he had a strange understanding that there was a Divine presence out there somewhere, or in here somewhere, that is glorious and beyond his comprehension, and he was seeking it with all his heart and soul. Afterwards he and Sada began to spend more time together, and that began to grow into not just a physical or emotional love, but a spiritual one as well. One morning Davin awoke to the sound of choral music, “I hear music,” he said as he laid there.

What kind of music?” Sada asked, she was on the phone speaking with her teacher.

Davin looked over to her, “Like a chorus,” he replied in a sleepy voice. I guess choral music is alright because she continued on with her conversation.

But Davin said more, “sometimes I see cats too,” he laughed as he spoke, now that was taken seriously.

Sada turned and looked at him with the phone up to her ear, her teacher was asking what color cats Davin saw. “What color?” she asked for her teacher.

Davin though about this for a moment, “darker cats, gray, black, once in awhile a white one.”

Sada explained that demons will watch people as cats and that the dark cats are bad demons. They will watch you to find a way to bring you into the dark, the white cats are good ones. She also said that her teacher was going to take care of that, and went back to her phone conversation.

So the following day Davin was at work, and during the quiet times he would sit down and do some meditation on the cushions. He took a deep breath and gently recited a mantram that put him into that place and he sat quietly. As he sat there he felt a huge presence enter the area, it filled the space just above him; and for a brief moment Davin saw an eyeball looking around the room. Literally a giant eye peeked in from the ethers and was moving in all directions as it peeked around. Davin was awestruck, but not afraid, he stayed in his meditation, soon realizing that Sadas teacher was looking at him. It didn’t last long and dispersed as fast as it appeared.

Davin has always had vision beyond just the physical, he never questioned it, its just the way he worked. Another time a young Buddhist monk came into the shop, with him was an older gentleman who supported him with his needs, a robe, statue, books, and etc, a patron more or less. They all talked for awhile, about Buddhism of course, and Davin explained that he was living in the backroom and that’s where his little altar was for prayer and meditation. The young monk offered to cleanse his space and naturally Davin was excited about this and he would guide them through the store and into the backroom area where he used an empty storage space as a room. As soon as that monk entered Davins room, Davin saw a puff of smoke that looked like a dragon blow out of it. He froze and watched that dragon disperse into the air before his eyes, while the other two were in the room blessing Davins miniature altar. These strange and bewildering experiences have been coming to Davin all his life, since childhood. For the longest time he thought it was a natural occurrence for everyone, but then he was brought up in the country away from the city life and its conformity. Later he would find out that most people didn’t believe in any of that, they were trained to go to school, get a job, make money, get married, have babies, grow old, and die. Whereas Davin saw a whole world to experience and grow spiritually, understanding that nothing was guaranteed. What he didn’t expect was how hard it would be to live among people so programmed that they never saw beyond their noses, or as it is now, beyond their computer screens.

Sada and Davin had a great relationship while it lasted, but a few wonderful months. Sada however had plans to return to Thailand and open a small Buddhist retreat and dedicate herself to Buddha. So they went their separate ways with the usual sweet sorrows of love; and each pursued their calling.


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